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Thanks, Patrick. I recall seeing this now. I'd still be interested in hearing whether it's possible to turn off certain columns like the created/last-modified. And while it's not terribly important, since in-module modification is possible, I'd be interested to know whether the cross-module search results (the Search All Records box in the toolbar) can be modified as well. 


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I can’t speak on the faceting options (it’s something we would be interested in knowing as well), but you can customize the grids in the browse screens at least. 

You just have to set the repository preferences to include identifier in column 1. However, this won’t change the results of the search all records box, just the searching/browsing within each module. 

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I've seen some email threads about search behavior, but I can't recall seeing any about how search results are displayed, particularly as it relates to the staff interface. 

For our purposes, having the last_modified and date_created display in the search results isn't useful, but having the record's unique identifier would be -- in particular the Identifier associated with Accession and Resource records -- especially since we often sort these values when browsing results in AT. Is the search results grid customizable? 

Also, are the faceting options on the search results customizable? Because we have a poor legacy related to authorities in archival data, the facets related to Creator and Subject are cluttering up the results, and we'd prefer to remove them for now. 



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