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Do you know which version of the migration tool that you used?

If that issue is not yet addressed in the current version of the migration tool, it should be.  I can’t remember if we tested that out just yet on our databases, but I thought that it was on our list.  In any event, I’d try to address it as part of the migration process (or as an automated cleanup process post migration) so that you don’t have to ask folks to copy and paste the corrections one by one, which can be error prone and difficult to review.


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Thank you. Yes, finding aid title is now exporting as expected (thank goodness!). I haven't run a test with a record containing a finding aid note yet, but suspect it is also corrected. Having <accessrestrict> back is a HUGE weight off for us as we have some complicated restriction notes for our institutional records.

We've never had cause to use subtitle, so I can't report how the migrator handles that info.  The only data we lost with the AT-to-AS migrator was item-level (NOT collection level) restriction notes. Our student workers will be busily copy/pasting in the coming months...


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On Oct 20, 2014, at 9:01 AM, "Custer, Mark" <mark.custer at yale.edu<mailto:mark.custer at yale.edu>> wrote:
I reported this issue earlier in the year. Here’s the snippet from the Word file, which was later added to Pivotal Tracker:

·         “Finding Aid Title” field is not exported (instead, the collection “Title” is repeated in its place).

·         “Finding Aid Note” is not exported as part of the eadheader.

·         “Finding Aid Date” is not exported as part of the eadheader.
And here’s the ticket in Pivotal Tracker for that last one:  https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/72331992 (which was broken out from the original ticket)

Are the Finding Aid Note and Finding Aid Title fields exporting now?


P.S.  I also added a feature request to include a separate field for subtitles, but I don’t know how many people would actually require that (https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/69651562).  If that field was used in the AT, I can confirm that the subtitle is still migrated over to ArchivesSpace since the AT-to-ASpace migration tool will append that value to the finding aid title field.  I haven’t tested ASpace’s EAD importer to confirm that it does the same, though.

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Hi Laura,

Well, it's not in Pivotal, so it was not a known bug. I've added them here:


 Kind of amazed nobody has noticed this sooner.


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Apologies if this has already been noted, but I - like many others I'm sure - have been eagerly awaiting 1.1.0 so have been putting rc8 through its paces in our sandbox today.

The one pesky outstanding issue that does not appear to be resolved is that the contents of "Finding Aid Date" are still not being exported at all, let alone into <publicationstmt> where we'd expect to find it.  Our stylesheets draw on this date to generate an authorship statement along the lines of "Finding aid prepared by <author>, <date>."  Since the finding aid date is not ending up anywhere in the exported XML we're left with "Finding aid prepared by John Smith, ."  Minor inconvenience, but annoying.

On the other hand, I'm  pleased to report that other failure to export issues we've had with things like <accessrestrict> are now working beautifully.

Are others finding that <date> is not exporting?  Is this a known bug?  Is there a reason why this is not being exported?  Any fix in the works?  (I checked the PivotalTracker, but found nada.)

Thanks in advance,


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