[Archivesspace_Users_Group] partially update a record through API

Chris Fitzpatrick Chris.Fitzpatrick at lyrasis.org
Tue Nov 25 08:58:52 EST 2014

Hi Mang Sun,

If you're doing it this way, you'll need to get the JSON first and add the publish: false value, then POST that back. 

I can write a small script for you that does this, if you're interested...

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I am trying to partially update accession records by setting PUBLISH to
false using REST API, but I can't get it done successfully.
For example, run the following command to update one accession record,
curl_as username password -d "@accession.json" -v "the AS API

accession.json contains
"publish" : false

but I get the following complaints

{"error":{"id_0":["Property is required but was
missing"],"accession_date":["Property is required but was
{\"publish\"=>true, \"jsonmodel_type\"=>\"accession\",
\"external_ids\"=>[], \"related_accessions\"=>[], \"subjects\"=>[],
\"linked_events\"=>[], \"extents\"=>[], \"dates\"=>[],
\"external_documents\"=>[], \"rights_statements\"=>[],
\"deaccessions\"=>[], \"related_resources\"=>[],
\"restrictions_apply\"=>false, \"access_restrictions\"=>false,
\"use_restrictions\"=>false, \"linked_agents\"=>[], \"instances\"=>[]}>"}

Any idea?

Mang Sun
Rice U.

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