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Caldera, Mary mary.caldera at yale.edu
Thu Nov 13 14:18:00 EST 2014

Dear Brad,
As you are aware Yale University, like others, is actively developing ArchivesSpace to ensure  it meets our (and potentially other users') needs prior to implementation. We have contracted with Hudson Molonglo to enhance AS accessions, search, and container management functions-information about our development plans can be found on our Web site<http://guides.library.yale.edu/archivesspace>.  You and the other members of the ArchivesSpace team have been incredibly helpful and encouraging, but we realize that we would benefit from broadening the communication. As we move forward with our plans and  think about additional development areas, it would be incredibly helpful to get some  additional guidance and support from AS and are requesting the following:
A development hub maintained by AS that includes:

  *   AS development plans (clearly stated and with target timelines)--this will ensure that users do not embark on development that is already planned (it is difficult to get a clear picture from Pivotal Tracker);
  *   a more formal process for submission of development requests, including a promise that submissions will be addressed with follow-up;
  *   centralized place where community member development plans can be vetted and shared--the AS listserve and GoogleGroup and great for communication but not tracking development.
AS guidelines regarding core code and plug-in development, including

  *   process by which AS reviews core and plug-in development requests;
  *   development of best practices (are there things folks can do to increase the likelihood that the enhancement can be integrated to the core code if deemed valuable to the community?); and
  *   recommendations for vendors.
We believe guidelines and a development hub will facilitate community development and engagement and will maximize the benefit of individual development goals for all members and users. Thank you for your consideration.

On behalf of the  Yale ArchivesSpace Committee<http://guides.library.yale.edu/archivesspace>,
Mary Caldera and Mark Custer

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