[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Linking location data to containers

Schaefer, Sibyl SSchaefer at rockarch.org
Wed Jun 18 15:31:11 EDT 2014

Hi ArchivesSpace staff and users-

It appears the only way to link locations and materials is at the instance
level. Is this correct? There is a closed Pivotal Tracker issue concerning
"As an Archivist, I want to assign Location information to a Container²

There¹s also a question on the Google Group referring to the AT
functionality using the "Manage Locations² button (which involves linking
locations to the containers listed within a resource record), dated after
the PT issue was closed:

Has this feature actually made it into the application? If it has, where
exactly can I expect to find it?



Sibyl Schaefer
Asst. Director, Head of Digital Programs
Rockefeller Archive Center

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