[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Linking location data to containers

Brad Westbrook brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org
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Hi, Sibyl,

The feature described in the Googles post has not yet made it into the ArchivesSpace application.  At present, locations can be assigned only at the instance level.  

Part of our plan going forward is to conduct a fairly systematic review of the ArchivesSpace application module by module, augmenting each module as appropriate.  We have just started this process and are focusing first on  import/exports and reports.  I expect review of the location module will come soon after, as will review of the digital object module.  


Brad W.

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Hi ArchivesSpace staff and users-

It appears the only way to link locations and materials is at the instance level. Is this correct? There is a closed Pivotal Tracker issue concerning
"As an Archivist, I want to assign Location information to a Container²

There¹s also a question on the Google Group referring to the AT functionality using the "Manage Locations² button (which involves linking locations to the containers listed within a resource record), dated after the PT issue was closed:

Has this feature actually made it into the application? If it has, where exactly can I expect to find it?



Sibyl Schaefer
Asst. Director, Head of Digital Programs Rockefeller Archive Center

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