[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ref_ID plug-in

Ben Goldman bmg17 at psu.edu
Mon Jun 16 16:42:34 EDT 2014

Hi All, 

We installed the ref_ID plug-in that was included (I believe) in the 1.07 release of ASpace, and we're currently running 1.09. We configured the plug-in like this: 

AppConfig[:plugins] = ['refid_rules','local', 'aspace_feedback', 'lcnaf'] 
AppConfig[:refid_rule] = "<%= repository['repo_code'] %>_<%= resource['formatted_id'] %>_<%= SecureRandom.hex %>" 

And I was just testing out some things in ASpace and noticed that when I tried to add a new component in a resource record, I was getting this error: 

Ref ID - Did not match regular expression \A[a-zA-Z0-9\-_:\.]*\z 

Looks like the plug-in is causing this error. Any ideas? 

On a related note, can someone clarify whether this plug-in only applies the custom refID format to new components created in the admin interface? In other words, components migrated into ASpace using the migration tools, or imported from EAD files won't have the custom refID format applied? 


Ben Goldman 
Digital Records Archivist 
Penn State University Libraries 
University Park, PA 

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