[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Agents with subdivisions - display in the public interface

Galloway, Ed edwardg at pitt.edu
Wed Jul 30 12:25:26 EDT 2014

I have a somewhat related question…

We noticed that once we properly ingested our Agents (corporate, family, personal names) so that they show up in the Public interface (we didn’t have them all checked as Publish), they don’t explicitly indicate when they are the Creator rather than the Subject. If you see the example I attached, under Agent Links you’ll see 7/11 Democratic Club (Pittsburgh, Pa.) listed twice: once as the Creator, the other as the Subject. Shouldn’t we (or a user) be able to identify which is which? We need to be able to clearly indicate who the Creator is. In our current model, we display Creator information in the Summary. Can ASpace do the same, or at least label it as such?


Edward A. Galloway
Head, Archives Service Center
University Library System
University of Pittsburgh

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Hi All,

I’m hoping to get some advice from the collective about agents.  I’ve been adding subdivisions to my corporate bodies when they’re in a subject role (rather than adding them as separate subjects) in hopes that they will export properly.  I’ve noticed that these subdivisions don’t show up in the public interface, and if I have the same corporate body with different subdivisions, the agent will appear twice without its subdivisions.  I’ve added a couple of screen shots to the end of my email to illustrate.
I’m also unable to select something like “Hanover College—Buildings” from a subject or an agent list if I’d like to reuse it for a different collection.

Are there thoughts on the best way to do this so it shows up in the public interface?  Best practices?  Are there any plans to correct this in future versions of ASpace?  I haven’t seen anything in PivotalTracker, but I’m not always convinced I’m reading the stories correctly.  I’m not doing any importing—this is all from scratch record creation.

Thanks for your help!


Angela White
Archives and Public Services Librarian
Hanover College

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