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Galloway, Ed edwardg at pitt.edu
Tue Jul 22 09:32:43 EDT 2014


The University of Pittsburgh has successfully migrated its data from AT to ASpace, meaning we have worked out any transfer problems so 100% of our records migrate. Now we are carefully reviewing the data in the Public ASpace interface and have observed the following which we'd like comments on:

*         Agents do not display in the Public interface, meaning no Creators or Personal/Corporate names appear in the search results or as an option to browse; nothing displays when the "Names" category is selected. It says "No records," but they're there on the Staff side.

*         HTML markup does not display; instead it shows the mark-up itself (I believe this is a known ASpace bug and being addressed).

*         Similarly though, if a <unittitle> begins with an <emph> tag, the title does not display at all and neither does any of its children. If for example, the name of a subseries started with an <emph> tag, none of the folders in that subseries display.

*         Lengthy text in Scope & Contents Notes (eg) do not show paragraph breaks, but instead display as one long paragraph. When viewed on the Staff side, it does format properly when viewed as Formatted Text (not Raw).

*         External links (URLs) we've inserted in a S&C note do not actually link out.


*         Perform an Advanced Search and view first set of results; then advance to next page of results. This second set of results is not based on the original search but appears to be the results of searching everything!

Interface questions:

*         Search does not highlight your search terms. Can it?

*         There is no Go to Next Folder (eg Component) feature; in other words when viewing any folder, it would be nice to simply click a button to see the next (or preceding) folder (or item).

I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. We're at the stage of determining what we need to address versus what is a bug or other issue that the ASpace developers need to address.

Thanks, Ed

Edward A. Galloway
Head, Archives Service Center
University Library System
University of Pittsburgh

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