[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Extents for Single Volumes & MARC Exporting

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In the AT plugin on which this functionality was based, and in the ArchivesSpace functional specifications for this area (http://archivesspace.org/sites/default/files/drupal7/Extent-Specification-ReviewedVersion-20110926-accepted-changes.pdf), the MARC export mapping for the physical description elements included the various fields in a single statement. The different fields were mapped as:

Number/Type --> 300 $a
Container Summary --> (secondary) 300 $a
Physical Details --> 300 $b
Dimensions --> 300 $c

In the example given below, this would have resulted in the exported field:

300 $a 1 volume(s) : $b 180 p. ; $c 20 cm.

Looking at the ArchivesSpace MARC export mapping (http://archivesspace.org/sites/default/files/MARCXML-Import-Export-Mapping-20130715.xlsx), I was surprised to find that this model was not used at all. The mapping provided for items I thought particularly problematic, since it seems to defeat the use of material-specific content standards for these fields. Is this export mapping something that can be looked at again by the project team?


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When you export a MARC record, the 300 field only pulls from the Number and Type in Extent (and repeats if there is more than one present).  This is workable with our standard large archival collections, but it is problematic for our many small/single item/single volume collections.
For example, if I had a single volume diary, it would seem to make sense to fill out the fields in Extent as follows:
Portion: Whole
Number: 1
Type: volume(s)
Container Summary: [left blank]
Physical Details: 180 p.
Dimensions: 20 cm.
When this is exported to MARCXML, ArchivesSpace only records "1 volume(s)" in the 300 and the other information is lost.  It does appear in the EAD.

I know I can make a "Physical Description" Note that records all of this information, but it appears as a 500 in the MARC and a competing (and repetitive) <physdesc> in the EAD.
I'd like to avoid having to open every finding aid in MARCedit to tweak this field, but I'm not seeing another viable option.  Any suggestions?
Many thanks!


Jaime L. Margalotti

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