[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Normalizing Single "Inclusive Dates"

Jaime Margalotti jmargalo at udel.edu
Mon Jul 21 11:55:40 EDT 2014

In EAD 2002, the "single" date attribute disappeared and we were left with
"inclusive" and "bulk."  What would have been "single" was now "inclusive."

We have a large number of collections with single "inclusive" dates.  When
the XML was imported into ArchivesSpace, the normalized form of the date
was repeated in the "Begin" and "End" fields.

Standard practice normalizes a single date as YYYY-MM-DD, not
YYYY-MM-DD/YYYY-MM-DD, with the same date repeated on both sides of the
slash.  Is it valid in ArchivesSpace to have just a "Begin" date and no
"End" date?

I realize that there are options for "Range" and "Single" under "Type," but
these are presented as choices to use INSTEAD of "Inclusive Dates" and
"Bulk Dates," not in conjunction with them.



Jaime L. Margalotti
Senior Assistant Librarian
Manuscripts and Archives Department University of Delaware Library
Newark, DE  19717-5267
302-831-0554jmargalo at udel.edu
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