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Karla.Irwin at unlv.edu Karla.Irwin at unlv.edu
Mon Jul 14 18:04:54 EDT 2014

I have a question about the "Publish" feature that is also related to a
post on the listserv back in March. Here is an excerpt:

"is there a way to bulk update records to be published or unpublished, or a
thought to providing
this functionality in the future?"

I looked in Pivotal Tracker to see if there was any story created for this
but I couldn't seem to find one (please point me in the right direction if
I am wrong.) We are also very interested in this capability.  We have some
finding aids that were manually entered (not a migration) and in some cases
"Publish" was not selected for any or all of the components. But we do want
the entirety of the collection to be published and there is no way to
easily allow for that--only by going back and individually selecting each
component to Publish seems to be the only way to accomplish this. It would
be helpful if we only had to select "Publish" on the collection level and
it would default to Publish everywhere else. At this point it is much
easier to de-select the components that we would not wish to be published
if necessary.

Again, please let me know if I am missing something in the "Stories" or


Karla Irwin
Special Collections Librarian
University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
karla.irwin at unlv.edu
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