[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Change link in "View Published" buttons?

Steven Majewski sdm7g at virginia.edu
Mon Jul 14 16:45:51 EDT 2014

On Jul 14, 2014, at 4:36 PM, Galligan, Patrick <PGalligan at rockarch.org> wrote:

> Another question here.
> I’m having trouble getting the “View Published” buttons to point to the correct location (not localhost). Can these changes be made through the config.rb file, or do I have to change some of the en.yml files for the public and frontend?
> Appreciate any guidance on this one.

I asked this question earlier and Mark answered:

— Steve Majewski

On May 30, 2014, at 1:07 PM, Mark Cooper <mark.cooper at lyrasis.org> wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> Those links use the settings defined for:
> ## recommended that you record those URLs in your configuration
> #AppConfig[:frontend_proxy_url] = proc { AppConfig[:frontend_url] }
> #AppConfig[:public_proxy_url] = proc { AppConfig[:public_url] }
> The proxy urls by default use the values as defined for AppConfig[:frontend_url] and AppConfig[:public_url]. So you could edit the value in either place, although if you're going to be using a proxy you'll want to set the proxy values directly and not fallback on the default (proc) way of setting the values.
> It's highly recommended to set those values to something other than the default (localhost) otherwise you'll miss some functionality that uses the proxy values (such as edit links in the public interface) -- but I'm not sure that's suggested anywhere aside from the comments in the config file, so it looks like a README update to make that more clear would be a good thing.
> Mark

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