[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Import error -- "Not a valid date"

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
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You and Nathan probably already discovered this, but I just took a quick look at the attached file, and it appears that the problem is that there's an entry for November 31st in there.  Once I replaced "1959-11-31" with "1959-11-30", the file imported into ArchivesSpace without any issues.

I've yet to really work on importing EAD into ArchivesSpace, but once I do, I hope that there will be a schematron file (or something similar) that will highlight exactly where these errors occur so that they can be fixed a bit more easily.  Has anyone else already created something like that, in order to check the validity of the normalized dates?  I'm pretty sure that the TEI schema does this.


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We are working on cleaning up our data and have found a few stubborn finding aids that won't import from the AT. The ArchivesSpace import error report gives us the following:

AT Identifier: MSS 3235
Status code: 200
Status text: OK

  "errors": ["Server error: #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{\"dates/0/begin\"=>[\"not a valid date\"], \"dates/0/end\"=>[\"not a valid date\"]}}>"],
  "saved": []

However, going through the EAD output from the Archivists Toolkit we don't get an error through schema validation, and a visual review of the EAD file has not shown any problems. Does anyone know what type of error this message is referring to, and is there any chance that the import process could be more descriptive in giving a line number with the output?

I have attached the EAD file for reference.


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