[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Report suggestion for agents/names and subjects

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I'll take the liberty of turning Miloche's comment into a formal feature request (if it hasn't been already): 

Create a new permissions level: "create/update/merge agent/subject records." 


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Report suggestion for agents/names and subjects 

Brad, et al., 

This may already be in the Pivotal Tracker somewhere but since you’re working on agents during this first development cycle... 

I’d like to be able to utilize our authority control unit staff to work on our ensuring names are set up following RDA standards (or SCM for subjects) where possible, check for duplicate headings, etc., especially on our legacy finding aids. To facilitate this work, I’d need to be able to generate a report that lists the fields in the Names section and Agent Type. In addition, I’d want to be able to generate these reports based on date and agent type, e.g. all new Person records added in the last month. 

Though not required, adding a user group in the permissions that allow staff to add, edit, and merge agent & subject records but only view accession and resource records would be nice too. 


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