[Lyrarl] UPSO, MUSE, and HUP ebooks

Celeste Feather celeste.feather at lyrasis.org
Thu Mar 7 15:18:06 EST 2013

I've been in communication with a lot of you about the three university press ebook offers from the ARL Licensing Initiative in the past few weeks, so I'm aware of the flurry of activity in your libraries! Here's a reminder of the deadlines and an update on how things stand at the moment.

1. Deadline: March 15, 2013
University Press Scholarship Online collections hosted by Oxford University Press

Oxford has agreed that we can confirm orders at the discount level designated for 50-74 participating libraries in the pricing spreadsheet. Interest seems to be mostly in the 2013 collections. For these the discount is 25% off list for the "pick and choose by publisher or subject" option, and 30% off list for the entire 2013 collection of all publishers and all subjects.

2. Deadline: March 31, 2013
Project MUSE/UPCC Collections

The special "Early Adopter Offer" for the 2013 Collection that includes 2,920 titles being published this year, and the "2013 Top-off Offer" for the libraries that purchased all MUSE/UPCC content in 2012 are attracting the most attention from ARL and other large research libraries.

3. Deadline: April 30, 2013
Harvard University Press at De Gruyter Online

We need 10 more libraries to reach the 30+ participant level of discount. So far we have a group of participants ranging from small community college libraries to ARL libraries. These collections have broad appeal. If you are considering a purchase of the HUP collections, please let me know. I'd like to reach the 30+ participant discount at 12% off list soon so that we can make these collections affordable for as many libraries as possible.


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