[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Problem with loading a spreadsheet

James E. Cross jcross at clemson.edu
Thu May 25 13:50:32 EDT 2023

I hope someone can assist me with this. When I try to load a folder-title list for a series via a spreadsheet I get the following error: ERROR: Error(s) detected: Processing stopped at row 0 [Some system error has occurred  [undefined method `each' for #<RubyXL::Chartsheet:0x2582d786>].] The odd thing is that I have loaded 2 other spreadsheets to series in the same collection and have not had any problems. I have compared the non-loading spreadsheet to those that loaded and cannot detect a difference (other than the contents, of course) that would cause an abort in the loading sequence. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Jim Cross

James Cross
Manuscripts Archivist
Special Collections and Archives
Clemson University

Strom Thurmond Institute Building
230 Kappa Street
Clemson, SC  29634
jcross at clemson.edu<mailto:jcross at clemson.edu>

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