[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Tagged PDF output options

Jeffrey Toorongian jetooron at mtu.edu
Tue May 9 11:58:34 EDT 2023

Our Library staff uses ArchivesSpace to generate finding aids that are
posted on the public web.  These PDFs are untagged and not accessible.
During a recent document audit we identified hundreds of these inaccessible
finding aid reports.

Although I do not use ArchivesSpace I am involved with website audits
involving inaccessible documents so I am looking to learn more about the
capabilities of ArchivesSpace when exporting to PDF.  Does this product
support accessible (tagged) PDF export?  The common theme for all the
exports is "untagged PDF".  I'm hoping to learn more about its capabilities
and then work with the staff that generate these reports to avoid
inaccessible documents going forward.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide ArchivesSpace guidance or
resources that address this issue.


Jeff Toorongian, MET., CPACC
Campus ICT Accessibility Coordinator
Michigan Technological University
jetooron at mtu.edu, (906) 487-1900
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