[Archivesspace_Users_Group] legality of using Java

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Hi Heidi
I can't comment on the license issues or legal issues. I'll just say I have heard of other places, large and small, pulling Oracle Java out of everything they can, just in case.

ON LINUX OpenJDK works just fine, my guess would be most places use that. That's what we use.

I don't know about Windows. My personal opinion is that ArchivesSpace works on Windows, but tends to be happier on Linux.

I think those docs should be updated a bit to reflect the use of OpenJDK as well, so thanks for pointing that out.

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Hello ArchivesSpace experts!

We self-host ArchivesSpace on a Windows server and our central IT department has asked us to remove Oracle Java and run OpenJDK instead or switch to a Linux environment and run the system on the built in OpenJDK/Java. We are currently running Oracle Java 15 with a downgraded connector based on a listserv suggestion when we were having a problem with the JDBC connector on the older versions of Java.

IT is concerned that we are violating the oracle license agreement and it would get discovered if our campus was ever audited.  I’ve dug around oracle’s license agreements including the one for java 8 and 11 (https://www.oracle.com/downloads/licenses/javase-license1.html) My interpretation is that you can use java 8 and 11 if it’s included in the source code for the program.  ArchivesSpace’s getting started technical docs say that it’s required before installing (https://github.com/archivesspace/tech-docs/blob/master/administration/getting_started.md). What allows ArchivesSpace users to use Java 8 or Java 11 without violating the license agreement?

Alternatively, is anyone successfully using OpenJDK?

Any insight would be appreciated before we dive into trying to use OpenJDK or switching the entire system to Linux.


Heidi Webb

Discovery and Technology Services

Health Sciences Library | SUNY Upstate Medical University

webbh at upstate.edu

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