[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Database schema mismatch

Ludwig Possie ludwigpossie at weber.edu
Thu Jun 29 12:52:29 EDT 2023

I'm trying to upgrade our version of Archivesspace and I have created a
test environment in a virtual machine.  When I import the database from
production and I attempt to run AS, I get a database migration error, "The
schema info version should be 147 for ArchivesSpace version v3.0.1."  I ran
the database migration script "setup-database.sh" and it seems to have ran
without issues, but I'm still getting the above-mentioned error when I
attempt to run AS.  I was told that we are currently running AS v3.0.1.
I'm supposing that the DB schema differs from different versions of AS.  Am
I missing a step or something?  I would appreciate any advice anyone can
provide.  Thx.

Ludwig Possié
Systems Admin
Stewart Library
Weber State University
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