[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ASpace database issues

Matthew Adair mladair at umich.edu
Thu Jan 19 09:14:39 EST 2023

Thanks Peter. I was wondering if the age of our installation might have
been the issue. I was even trying to poke through the code to see what it
was looking for in the check to see if there was that sort of mis-match
between what ASpac was looking for and what MySQL was returning.

Fortunately, this is not our production server. It is a sandbox / testing
server. It sounds like the upgrade to our university managed MySQL server
(in conjunction with the old version of ASpace) is the root of the issue.
If I were to hazard a guess, we haven't had to reboot the sandbox server
since the MySQL upgrade and recent system reboot just brought the issue to


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On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 4:15 PM Peter Heiner <ph448 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> Matthew Adair wrote on 2023-01-18 14:23:14:
> > Version 2.5.2 of ASpace.  Version 8.0.30 of MySQL
> A couple of versions prior to yours MySQL started explicitly reporting
> 'utf8mb3' where in the past it would say 'utf8'. That's because 'utf8' is
> currently an alias for 'utf8mb3' and they want to deprecate 'utf8mb3' and
> make
> 'utf8' an alias of 'utf8mb4' instead.
> ASpace 2.5.2 only recognises 'utf8' as an UTF-8 character set, this was
> fixed
> in ASpace 2.7.1. I would consider upgrading to a more recent version if
> possible.
> > We get the following error in the log file:
> > "The following MySQL database tables are not set to use UTF-8 for their
> > character encoding:"
> > and then it lists all of the database tables, and fails with an unable to
> > connect to database error
> >
> > Encoding on the database and all of the tables are utf8mb3_general_ci
> Short of the ASpace upgrade (or a database downgrade that might be even
> more
> painful) the correct solution is to convert table data to 'utf8mb4', see
> https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/charset-unicode-conversion.html
> for details on how to do that.
> Hope that helps,
> p
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