[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ArchivesSpace Governance Board - Chair Report, 1st Quarter

Julia Novakovic jmnwml at rit.edu
Wed Aug 30 14:56:44 EDT 2023

Dear ArchivesSpace members:

As the new Chair of the ArchivesSpace Governance Board, I am writing to report on the group's 1st Quarter meeting, which was held virtually on August 22.

We welcomed four new Board members:

*         Kate Crowe, University of Denver, representative for the Large membership level

*         Linda Hocking, Litchfield Historical Society, representative for the Very Small level

*         Maggie Hughes, The Huntington, representative for the Medium level

*         Kat Stefko, Bowdoin College, representative for the Small level

We reviewed the continued strong financial position of ArchivesSpace and discussed the paramount importance of membership, the cornerstone of ArchivesSpace sustainability. We heard updates on two programs previously approved by the Board, the new Consortium Provider affiliation and the expanded Educational Program Membership, which are prompting good conversations about building stronger connections across the archival community. We also noted the excellent work of our Advisory Councils, TAC and UAC, as they closed one term and started a new one.

We approved a proposed framework to review the ArchivesSpace Code of Conduct by organizing a task force of community members, including volunteers from the Member Engagement sub-team. The group will be supported in their work through engagement with a DEIA consultant. Past board chair Annie Benefiel will lead this effort. More information will be available soon.

The Board also discussed a recent inquiry from the Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC) project about the possibility of a merger with ArchivesSpace at the conclusion of its grant funding next year. While the board appreciates the value of SNAC's work, we determined that due to ArchivesSpace's other priorities at this time and questions about alignment of mission and ongoing sustainability of a combined program/product, SNAC would be best served by undertaking an in-depth sustainability assessment independent of the concept of an ArchivesSpace merger. We wish them all the best and left open the possibility of collaboration in the future.

As I begin my term as Board Chair, I am looking forward to working with you to continue to strengthen the application and the community that we have all built together. Please feel free to reach out directly to me or to your elected membership level representative<https://archivesspace.org/governance-board-and-councils#GovernanceBoard> if you have feedback you would like to share.

Chair, ArchivesSpace Governance Board

Julia Novakovic (she/her)
Chair, ArchivesSpace Governance Board
Digital Archivist
RIT Archives
Rochester Institute of Technology
Wallace Library 3632
90 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
jmnwml at rit.edu<mailto:jmnwml at rit.edu>
[RIT | Rochester Institute of Technology]<https://www.rit.edu/>

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