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Holland, Andrew S andrew-holland at uiowa.edu
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That was it. Thanks for the help! -AH
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Looking at the HTML source for that page, the SHOW_IDENTIFIERS_IN_TREE variable is not being defined where it should, which is on the next line after APP_PATH is set. Are you using a plug-in which overrides the layouts/application.html.erb template? If you are, and it is based on an older version of the template, that would explain this issue. You need to review installed plugins every time you upgrade to a new ArchivesSpace release.


On 14/08/2023 06:22, Holland, Andrew S wrote:
I'm getting a javascript error: SHOW_IDENTIFIERS_IN_TREE is not defined. It's on all of our resources after I updated to 3.4, but here's an example: https://aspace.lib.uiowa.edu/repositories/2/resources/824

Content does load if I click on Collection Organization or Container Inventory. It's just the tree view on the right side that's not showing up.

Anyone come up against this?

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