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Jessica Crouch Jessica.Crouch at lyrasis.org
Fri Apr 28 14:59:10 EDT 2023

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ArchivesSpace Update – April 2023

Upcoming Schedule at a Glance:

April 28: Nominations for the ArchivesSpace Governance Board due<https://archivesspace.org/archives/7973>

April 28: Nominations for the ArchivesSpace Technical Advisory Council due<https://archivesspace.org/archives/7976>

April 28: Nominations for the ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council due<https://archivesspace.org/archives/7978>

May 6: ArchivesSpace Member Match Cohort Applications due<https://archivesspace.org/archives/7952>


The ArchivesSpace team is pleased to announce a release candidate, v3.4.0-RC1. You can download it at https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/releases/tag/v3.4.0-RC1 or test it out without downloading at http://test.archivesspace.org/staff  (username admin /password admin).

This release candidate includes many bug fixes and feature enhancements. Of particular note are enhancements related to creating digital objects and making it easier to identify digital content for and in the public interface. The most complex work relates to new functionality using the previously unused Make Representative button. Based on a community-authored specification<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-fi-1jpE7GqWc0zWxWsRO9zgRmR1vFFygp6jGnKh23k/edit?usp=sharing>, it is now possible to mark a particular file version on a digital object or digital object component for display on different types of records, including digital objects, digital object components, accessions, resources, and archival objects. Representative images also display in relevant browse and search result displays in the public and staff interface. Draft documentation<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yO8dM0o54GhIrY0ZdzNOXjSR25dt7r0WSwGUNC1rPxU/edit?usp=sharing> for how to use this functionality is available for reference and comment.

Other enhancements for digital objects include the option to set a preference to spawn description fields from the linked accession, resource or archival object record when creating digital object instances; a View Digital Material section added to the "pill" for resource records in the public interface when there is digital content within the resource; breadcrumbs that make the context for linked digital objects easier to see in result displays; and a more recognizable generic button for digital content when an image cannot be shown.

Enhancements not related to digital objects but still significant include work submitted by Hudson Molonglo that it did for Princeton University to add local access restriction fields to the spreadsheet importers and RDE, and include URIs in EAD exports; more attractive print displays for records, including accessions; a new CSV import for standalone subjects; internal note fields for top containers and container profiles; and the elimination of a bug that caused hover text for the Help Center to sometimes appear at inopportune times.

A particular thanks to our Testing sub-team for their work testing individual JIRAs, the Make Representative functionality, and doing regression testing across the application. Additional thanks to our User Documentation sub-team for their feedback on the Make Representative functionality.

Because of the potential impact of the Make Representative functionality and other features related to digital objects, we highly encourage you to test this release candidate with your own data if you can. We will be holding the feedback period open for longer than usual as a result. Please send us comments or questions at ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org> by May 15.

Based on the results of this feedback period, we will determine when to release the production version of 3.4.0.

Nominations to serve on ArchivesSpace Governance due April 28

The ArchivesSpace Governance Board is seeking nominations to serve on the ArchivesSpace Governance Board<https://archivesspace.org/archives/7973>, ArchivesSpace Technical Advisory Council (TAC)<https://archivesspace.org/archives/7976>, and ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council (UAC)<https://archivesspace.org/archives/7978>.  To nominate yourself or a colleague or learn more about each of these groups and the important work they do in the development, maintenance and growth of the ArchivesSpace application and community, visit the links above.

Apply now to participate in the 2023/2024 Member Match cohort

[Posted on behalf of the Member Engagement sub-team of the ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council]

Apply Now<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/airtable.com/shrESjhBkaJIRnI8V__;!!GNU8KkXDZlD12Q!5iduEJKWZUiKf3asHuwwuEv2tNPCTF2mE1QgZCd7_3byPJQleoRv8hGmXHqGqJmvkL1iLPQcqa_rBe64u0d_w7Gz$>

The ArchivesSpace Member Engagement sub-team is now accepting applications<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/airtable.com/shrESjhBkaJIRnI8V__;!!GNU8KkXDZlD12Q!5iduEJKWZUiKf3asHuwwuEv2tNPCTF2mE1QgZCd7_3byPJQleoRv8hGmXHqGqJmvkL1iLPQcqa_rBe64u0d_w7Gz$> for the third cohort of the ArchivesSpace Member Match program.

The Member Match program is an initiative to engage the ArchivesSpace membership community, created and organized by the Member Engagement sub-team of the ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council, with support from the ArchivesSpace Community Engagement Coordinator. The program is intended to be a resource and venue for peer-to-peer support between ArchivesSpace members. For one, year-long term, Member Match participants will be matched with a member with whom they can receive and offer professional insight, advice, and comradery. The program will also offer participants the opportunity to engage in exclusive events and enlightening discussions about ArchivesSpace and its active user community.

The program includes:
-Monthly Listserv Discussion Topics

Each month, a member of the Member Engagement sub-team will reach out to the Member Match listserv to spur discussion and encourage continued engagement between matches.

-Quarterly Member Match Meet-Ups
These will be opportunities for large group socializing as well as the potential for dedicated time to spend with matches in breakout rooms.

-Option to participate in small group matches of 3 people


Any individual affiliated with an ArchivesSpace member organization is eligible to participate in the ArchivesSpace Member Match program and there is no limit to the number of individuals from a member organization that may participate.

If you are unsure of your organization’s ArchivesSpace membership status, visit https://archivesspace.org/community/whos-using-archivesspace<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/archivesspace.org/community/whos-using-archivesspace__;!!GNU8KkXDZlD12Q!5iduEJKWZUiKf3asHuwwuEv2tNPCTF2mE1QgZCd7_3byPJQleoRv8hGmXHqGqJmvkL1iLPQcqa_rBe64u_Jg6Oa5$> or email ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org>.

To Learn More

Visit the Member Match wiki: https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ADC/pages/2198568994/ArchivesSpace+Member+Match+Program<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ADC/pages/2198568994/ArchivesSpace*Member*Match*Program__;Kysr!!GNU8KkXDZlD12Q!5iduEJKWZUiKf3asHuwwuEv2tNPCTF2mE1QgZCd7_3byPJQleoRv8hGmXHqGqJmvkL1iLPQcqa_rBe64u84qumKJ$>

Applications are due May 6.

Please feel free to direct any questions to ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org>

Recordings available: ArchivesSpace Virtual Member Forum

Thank you to everyone who attended some portion of the ArchivesSpace Virtual Member forum.  Recordings of the first day’s sessions are available on the forum wiki<https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ADC/pages/3288662017/ArchivesSpace+Virtual+Member+Forum+2023>.  If you attended any part of the forum, we also encourage you to complete the forum evaluation at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7XCP3KX.

Information available: Information session about the new ArchivesSpace Consortium Provider affiliation

Thank you to everyone who attended our information session about the new ArchivesSpace Consortium Provider affiliation.  This information session was aimed at staff of consortia currently providing or considering providing ArchivesSpace-related services to their member organizations.  If you were unable to attend but would like to learn more, you can see the slides from the presentation<https://archivesspace.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/ArchivesSpace-Consortium-Provider-April-2023-slides.pdf> or read about the new affiliation https://archivesspace.org/service-providers/consortium-provider. Feel free to contact us at ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org> to discuss the program or to enroll.

Recording Available: Using the ArchivesSpace Public User Interface

Thank you to everyone who attended our training on using the ArchivesSpace Public User Interface on April 19.  The recording for that training is available to ArchivesSpace members via the Help Center at https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ArchivesSpaceUserManual/pages/3185901569/ArchivesSpace+Training+Recordings.

Membership Renewals for 2023-2024

ArchivesSpace is developed by and for the community that uses it, and strengthened by services and activities that support our community and connect us to one another. ArchivesSpace membership is our primary source of revenue and informs and sustains every aspect of the program, including software development, support and engagement. A special thanks to all of our members for all they do to make ArchivesSpace possible.

Though it feels like the calendars just turned a little while ago, we are already thinking about the next membership year for ArchivesSpace. We expect to be sending out our renewal invoices for 2023-2024 in early May. While we have shifted our billing to accommodate the growing number of requests for earlier invoicing, it is not a problem if you prefer or need to pay closer to the July 1 start date of the term.

Invoices will be sent to the billing contact we have on file. If you are a member and not sure of your billing contact or if your billing contact has changed, please let us know.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to join as a new member for the remainder of the 2022-2023 membership year (or already know you would like to join us in 2023-2024), please let us know at ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org>. We look forward to another year of working together.

Membership Update

We are excited to welcome our newest members to our community! Our new members since March  include:

  *   Afro Charities, (Baltimore, MD)
  *   Bryan-Lang Archives, (Woodbine, GA)
  *   Gettysburg College, (Gettysburg, PA)
  *   Pratt Institute, (Brooklyn, NY) - Educational program membership<https://archivesspace.org/community/educational-program-membership>

As of April 28, we have 473 General members, 17 Educational Program members, and 3 Registered Service Providers.

Thank you to our current ArchivesSpace members<https://archivesspace.org/community/whos-using-archivesspace> for your contribution to the development and sustainability of the ArchivesSpace application.  ArchivesSpace has a membership model<https://archivesspace.org/community/why-become-a-member> to support the continued development of the application and user community and ArchivesSpace members are eligible for a variety of benefits<https://archivesspace.org/community/member-benefits>.  If you are interested in ArchivesSpace membership<https://archivesspace.org/community/making_a_case_for_membership> for your organization, email us at ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org<mailto:ArchivesSpaceHome at lyrasis.org>.


ArchivesSpace monthly updates provide news about ArchivesSpace community and program activities and are sent to our member listservs, the ArchivesSpace Google Group, and SAA’s Collection Management Section listserv, as well as being posted on the ArchivesSpace website. Please feel free to share this update with people you know who have an interest in ArchivesSpace but may not be on one of these lists.

Jessica Dowd Crouch
Community Engagement Coordinator for ArchivesSpace
jessica.crouch at lyrasis.org<mailto:jessica.crouch at lyrasis.org>
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Jessica Dowd Crouch
Community Engagement Coordinator for ArchivesSpace
jessica.crouch at lyrasis.org<mailto:jessica.crouch at lyrasis.org>
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