[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Subordinate Names: Add two more?

Mark Cyzyk mcyzyk at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 11:39:56 EDT 2023


I have a question:

Looks like an ASpace agent record can have two Subordinate Names. From 

      name_corporate_entity: &agent_corporate_entity_attributes
         <<: *agent_name_attributes
         subordinate_name_1: Subordinate Name 1
         subordinate_name_1_tooltip: |
             <p>A hierarchical unit with the corporate entity named in
    the Primary Name field.</p>
             <li>Microelectronics Division <em>(for International
    Business Machines. Microelectronics Division)</em></li>
         subordinate_name_2: Subordinate Name 2
         subordinate_name_2_tooltip: |
             <p>A hierarchical unit with the corporate entity named in
    the Primary Name field and lower than the unit named in the
    Subordinate Name 1 field.</p>

My question is:  Is it possible to add two more Subordinate Names? 
subordinate_name_3, subordinate_name_4?

Or would I have to use a User Defined attribute for this?:

      user_defined: &user_defined_attributes
         boolean_1: Boolean 1
         boolean_2: Boolean 2
         boolean_3: Boolean 3
         integer_1: Integer 1
         integer_2: Integer 2
         integer_3: Integer 3
         real_1: Real 1
         real_2: Real 2
         real_3: Real 3
         string_1: String 1
         string_2: String 2
         string_3: String 3
         string_4: String 4
         text_1: Text 1
         text_2: Text 2
         text_3: Text 3
         text_4: Text 4
         text_5: Text 5
         date_1: Date 1
         date_1_inline_help: e.g. YYYY-MM-DD
         date_2: Date 2
         date_2_inline_help: e.g. YYYY-MM-DD
         date_3: Date 3
         date_3_inline_help: e.g. YYYY-MM-DD
         enum_1: Controlled Value 1
         enum_2: Controlled Value 2
         enum_3: Controlled Value 3
         enum_4: Controlled Value 4
         _singular: User Defined
         _plural: User Defined

(I'm sensing it's the second option here, that locales just applies 
labels, does not actually create fields in the database.  So I'd give 
text_1 here a label of 'Subordinate Name 3" and text_2 a label of 
"Subordinate Name 4".  But is this right?)



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