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Hi Stephanie,
We are a CAIA-ArchivesSpace-Aeon shop, and for what it’s worth, my understanding is that the integration w/ CAIA happens with Aeon rather than ASpace. There is a separate Aeon integration plugin we use for ASpace, which gets the ASpace requests into Aeon so they can be requested from our off-site facility using CAIA. I have heard some conversation about a separate CAIA-ASpace integration, but from what I remember it doesn’t allow you to do a whole lot. I think the main function of that integration was updating locations. So for instance, when we finish processing a collection and send it to be shelved off-site, the integration would trigger an automatic permanent location change for the top containers once they are scanned into CAIA, thus keeping us from having to remember to update those top container locations manually. You might be able to configure the integration to make updates to the temporary location field for top containers as the boxes are sent back and forth, but I’m not sure.

This configuration page provides a bit of additional info: https://portal.caiasoft.com/apiguide.php?serv=external&rec=4&oper=configarchivespace

Happy to speak more if you’re interested.


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Hi -
From what I've found, folks who have integrated ArchivesSpace and the offsite storage inventory tool CAIAsoft are also using Aeon. Is there anyone who doesn't use Aeon and has integrated? Does that make a difference? What sort of data is needed in ASpace to bridge the two systems? We're soon going to be implementing CAIAsoft, so trying to prepare for questions from my colleagues but I don't have much of a 30,000-foot view.


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