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Cowing [he], Jared jec15 at williams.edu
Tue Sep 13 12:33:26 EDT 2022

Hi all,

I'm currently working with our campus IT to identify the cause(s) of a
degradation in performance that we've been seeing. I'm relatively new to
our library and to ArchivesSpace generally, but I've been told it's been
slowing bit by bit for a few years, and the problem has escalated just in
the past few weeks. Neither full re-indexes nor our nightly re-starts seem
to help.

I'm aware of this page on tuning
<https://archivesspace.github.io/tech-docs/provisioning/tuning.html>, which
has been quite helpful in addition to suggestions already posted to this
list. We're hopeful that moving to external Solr with our next upgrade will
also help (currently on 2.7.1), but are still trying other measures just in
case it doesn't. While we look more into general best practices for tuning
our hosting environment, I'd also like to check with all of you to see if
there are common issues that are more specific to ArchivesSpace that we
have overlooked and should focus our attention on.

Here are a few of our key settings. Our Java memory variables are below. I
get the sense that they are higher than average, is that so?

Indexer settings from config.rb:
AppConfig[:indexer_records_per_thread] = 25
AppConfig[:indexer_thread_count] = 7
AppConfig[:indexer_solr_timeout_seconds] = 300

And copied from our innodb settings:

I appreciate any tips on what we ought to be looking for. I know it's hard
to give advice from afar when each institution's situation is different,
but thought it worth asking in case anything jumped out before we turn to
technical support.


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