[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Still unable to launch ArchivesSpaceService. Please help

Schanz, Megan schanzme at msu.edu
Thu Jun 2 10:44:41 EDT 2022

Hi Ivan,

Unfortunately I don't have any experience running ArchivesSpace as a Windows Service. But in general, if it's having trouble starting up, there should be something telling you why in the logs. I've found it can be helpful to configure the logs to go to separate files for each component instead of allowing them all to go into archivesspace.out by default. In the config.rb file you can change the file paths and log levels like this (note my paths are for a Linux based system):

AppConfig[:frontend_log] = "/path-to-archivesspace/logs/archivesspace-frontend.out"
AppConfig[:frontend_log_level] = "debug"
AppConfig[:backend_log] = "/path-to-archivesspace/logs/archivesspace-backend.out"
AppConfig[:backend_log_level] = "debug"
AppConfig[:pui_log] = "/path-to-archivesspace/logs/archivesspace-pui.out"
AppConfig[:pui_log_level] = "debug"
AppConfig[:indexer_log] = "/path-to-archivesspace/logs/archivesspace-indexer.out"
AppConfig[:indexer_log_level] = "debug"

If you're able to find specific errors in the logs, then send them to this list since that is something more people in this group can probably help with. If there are no logs at all, then that also is pretty telling and indicates the Windows service is likely not configured correctly and is not attempting to start it.

It might also help to go through the setup instructions again and compare them to your server to see if anything is misconfigured or missing since it sounds like something must have changed on the server and didn't apply to the running ArchivesSpace service until the server was rebooted, delaying when the issue was discovered. There is the official documentation<https://archivesspace.github.io/tech-docs/administration/windows.html> to refer to as well as this YouTube video<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1bpfffiLWY> I found with some quick searching.

I hope some of this helps!

- Megan


Megan Schanz
Application Developer & Systems Administrator
Michigan State University Libraries

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Hello all,

I have yet to hear back or find anything to fix this issue. I am still unable to start the ArchivesSpaceService.

"Our previous system administrator set up ArchivesSpace 2.8.1 and we received a ticket that it needed to be re-indexed. None of us were even aware of what this server did. Before I could access it, the server needed to be rebooted. Once it came back up, I was unable to start the ArchivesSpaceServe. I am shown this error whenever I try (even with Powershell)

"Windows could not start the ArchivesSpaceService on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 5."

I've checked the System Event Long and I don't even see any events that show an attempt to start the service. We've checked the logs and honestly, I'm lost trying to swim through all this data. I don't see anything standing out that says there's an error. Has anyone encountered this before and know of a fix?"

Thank you for your time,
Ivan Allhiser
System Administrator
Information Technology Services
Ph (816) 501-3695
[Dining Services | Avila University]
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