[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Digital Object Identifiers garbled

Cowing [he], Jared jec15 at williams.edu
Tue Jan 25 17:54:13 EST 2022

Hi all,

We're currently testing v.3.1.1 (currently on 2.7.1) and have encountered
two issues we can't seem to resolve which may or may not be related. I'm
hoping that someone here is familiar with one or both and knows what may be
the root cause.

1. The identifiers for some (but not all) of our digital objects now appear
encrypted or otherwise garbled. Has anyone ever encountered this before?
Example: what was digital object identifier  *DC2019_049_0574* is now
While there may be a pattern to which identifiers got garbled and which
didn't, I have yet to detect that pattern.

2. We're frequently encountering "We're sorry, but something went wrong"
errors in our testing environment. They usually only affect the staff-side,
while the public interface remains available. I got a copy of the error log
from our IT department, but I'm still trying to decipher what's in there.
They look similar to the errors reported in another thread earlier this

E, [2022-01-24T14:42:56.114007 #25643] ERROR -- : Thread-2950:
uri:classloader:/jsonmodel_client.rb:490:in `all'
`block in main'

The second issue may not be unique to 3.1.1 for us since we're trying out a
new hosting environment for this version. The first issue was present I
believe even before we set up that new hosting environment.

Any suggestions for someone relatively new to ArchivesSpace to help isolate
the cause would be much appreciated.


*Jared Cowing* *|* Systems Librarian *| *he/him
*WILLIAMS COLLEGE LIBRARIES <https://library.williams.edu/>*  *|* Williamstown,
MA *| *(413)597-3061
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