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Earle, Lev learle at library.rochester.edu
Fri Jan 21 12:12:49 EST 2022

Hi Suzanna,

I’ve been having what might be a similar issue, especially when trying to use the Enable Reorder function on container lists. Often the page will keep on loading, or time out, and I’ll receive a 403 Forbidden error. I have to clear my cache and go back into ArchivesSpace from the beginning to be able to get back in to editing the resource. This happens especially with larger finding aids. I have a much worse time of it when I’m editing off-site, or working from home, where my internet is not as good. My student workers and other off-site editors have the same issues. Does this sound like what is happening to you?

Our tech folks here have told me it has something to do with the request timing out- the request takes too long to send and return, and in response the system thinks two separate people are trying to edit the same record, or something. Still, if anyone knows a way to fix this or get around it, it’s been really awful in trying to work from home in this distanced age.

Sorry, this was less of a fix than an “I have this problem too,” but hopefully if it’s not an isolated issue, there might be something Lyrasis can do about it?


Lev Earle - they/them
Special Collections Processing Archivist – RBSCP
University of Rochester River Campus Libraries

I am currently working on site at Rhees W-F, 9-6pm, with Tuesdays 11-7:30pm, and Mondays 9:30-6 at the Library Annex. For the fastest response, please text me.

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Hi Aspace User group,

I'm wondering if I can troubleshoot this issue here. I recently reached out to our network guys to address why Archivespace keeps sporadically shutting down and they said the following:
It is not that the server itself is shutting down -- the service is merely stopping and I cannot pinpoint anything that is triggering this to happen. I can most definitely move it to a different server, but I do not believe that will fix the issue. I feel it either has to do with the software itself, or a Java function, database issue, etc.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to what we can look for to prevent this from happening, I'd greatly appreciate your input.
Thank you,
Suzanna Calev, MLIS & MA
Archivist/Public Services Librarian
Farley Library
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