[Archivesspace_Users_Group] AO codes and titles: Need for feed

Andrew Morrison andrew.morrison at bodleian.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jan 17 05:50:17 EST 2022

Search results in the staff interface can be downloaded as CSV. Has the 
archivist tried changing the fields in the "Search Columns" section of 
their User Preferences? If they have, and it doesn't offer them the 
fields they require, it is possible to write a plug-in which adds fields 
as new options in the drop-downs in User Preferences. I haven't seen it 
documented anywhere, but probably the best standalone example is here: 


On 15/01/2022 16:20, Mark Cyzyk wrote:
> Dear ASpace Forum,
> One of our archivists has a need for a data feed out of our ASpace.
>> Ideally I would get a CSV with a list of "archival_object_123456" 
>> codes in one column and the corresponding AO titles in another. 
> I went searching through the canned Reports thinking these two fields 
> must be in something like, e.g., the comprehensive Resource report, 
> but I could not find them.
> My next step is to try to extract this via the API.
> But does anyone have another suggestion?
> I found this plugin, which initially sounded promising, but it's very 
> old:  https://github.com/quoideneuf/extended_reports
> Advice appreciated,
> Mark

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