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Hi all,
Thanks Julie for pointing this out-we eventually figured this out too, although by the time we did I'd forgotten to reply back to the list. One way to visually distinguish between logical and text value for this field is to see whether 'TRUE/FALSE' is centered in the cell (logical) or left-justified (text). The reason we were running into this issue is because we'd typically ensure that all cells in the import spreadsheet were formatted to 'Text', which I think had been part of the original user instructions back when this was a plugin.

Once these fields are set to 'Text', the drop-down to select TRUE/FALSE will still function, but the word (TRUE or FALSE) will be left-justified, and will no longer be correctly interpreted (no longer logical), which I believe then defaults to FALSE.


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Hi everyone,

In August 2021, a list message<https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/lyralists.lyrasis.org/mailman/htdig/archivesspace_users_group/2021-August/008619.html__;!!Dq0X2DkFhyF93HkjWTBQKhk!B6HvNSXJhhC_hb6NBF0pAc3VjxhlL1jGDD614EJ1cN4KcmcJcEOpu4DYw8bhaWsvrdFKbWIf$> from Benn Joseph at Northwestern UL described their trouble getting incorrect Publish values when importing digital objects via spreadsheet. Harvard migrated to v3.0.2 in Fall 2021 and we also have this problem. It seems like the ASpace code that interprets the incoming spreadsheet data is being extra picky about the Type value of the "publish" (Publish Digital Object Record) attribute that is supplied in the spreadsheet.

If the archivist uses the TRUE/FALSE controlled values provided in the official template on github (bulk_import_DO_template.xlsx), digital objects load with the correct "publish" values and their PUI display looks good. When I run the TYPE function on these values, I get type 4 (logical value).

But sometimes, an archivist will paste in TRUE/FALSE values copied from another file (especially true in high volume automated workflows). At a glance these TRUE/FALSE values look identical but they aren't. I noticed that these values are left aligned in the cell, rather than centered as Excel does to indicate a logical TRUE or FALSE. And when I run the TYPE function on a cell with these values I get type 2 (text). Seems like ASpace wants only the logical TRUE/FALSE. An imported digital object that has the text value TRUE for "publish" will be set to the default FALSE (unpublished). When this happens in high volume it's a mess to clean up. And despite being marked Published=FALSE in staff mode, in the PUI, these digital objects are partially displaying. By that I mean, there is no digital link but the DO's are labeled DIGITAL and display in the PUI list of digital objects.

I guess the work-around is user education (warn users to only supply logical TRUE/FALSE). But I'd prefer we tweaked ASpace code to accept either the logical or text value of TRUE/FALSE as I suspect used to be the case when spreadsheet import was plugin-based.

Regards. -julie

Julie Wetherill
HUIT Library Technology Services
Harvard University
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