[Archivesspace_Users_Group] LCNAF plug-in background job going into queued status

Yatsonsky, Nicole yatsonskyn at uncw.edu
Mon Apr 11 12:30:32 EDT 2022

Thanks, Andrew! I'll let them know.


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Generally, when there is a difference between what you see when searching/browsing, and what you see when you view an individual record, it is caused by MySQL and Solr getting out of sync. You could try a soft re-index:


On 11/04/2022 17:03, Yatsonsky, Nicole wrote:
Hi y'all,

We're running v2.8.1. All of a sudden this weekend, trying to import subjects via the LCNAF plug in shows Completed when you run it and has no errors in the log, and the Subject term is then clickable to show in our repository, but when you go to search in Subjects, it's not there and cannot be found-and the Background Job shows as "Queued - 1st," which it's never done before. Since it somehow says completed when you click on it, there is no way to rerun it or get it going. Multiple attempts have resulted in the same thing. Oddly, it works in our Dev version, but does not in Prod.

Has anyone come across this before? Or can tell me where to have our IT people look?

Thank you,

Nicole Yatsonsky, CA
Special Collections Library Specialist
Center for Southeast North Carolina Archives and History
Randall Library @ UNC Wilmington

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