[Archivesspace_Users_Group] LCNAF NoMethodError

Blake Carver blake.carver at lyrasis.org
Tue Oct 19 11:27:32 EDT 2021

Double check and make sure you have the right version, maybe somehow it has the wrong one in place.

For ArchivesSpace versions 2.8.1 and earlier, use the 1.0.0 tag. For ArchivesSpace version 3.0.0 , use the 2.0.0 tag.

I've heard of places getting firewalled by the LoC servers, that "network is unreachable" error reminded me of that. Double check you can get to id.loc.gov from the server.
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Hi everyone,

Our LCNAF plugin has been returning the fatal error: NoMethodError (undefined method 'entries' for 10:Integer) whenever anything is searched on it. From what I can tell all of the plugin files are exactly as what came bundled in with the ArchivesSpace v3.1 build (which we upgraded to from 2.7.1 a few weeks ago, but our plugin wasn't working then either). I also cross-referenced the files with the LCNAF plugin's github directory and they matched as well.

This might not be related but just before this error the plugin was returning a different error: Enetunreach (network is unreachable), which seemed to be a result of the server's network not having IPv6 connectivity and disappeared after adding a 6to4 tunnel. I only add this info in the case it is the culprit because otherwise the plugin files have been left alone and the overall installation has been mostly untouched except for the fixing of a few locale files plus a reindex.

I've been absolutely stumped so any and all advice would be much appreciated.


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