[Archivesspace_Users_Group] UX Findings related to ArchivesSpace template

Caffrey-Hill, Julia jcaffreyhill at towson.edu
Fri Oct 8 10:32:48 EDT 2021

Thank you. If this finding is something others have experienced or observed, I would recommend changing the placement of the buttons, their appearance, and/or their layout as an enhancement/feature request.

If this does not resonate with others, a customization on our end would be appropriate.
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If you're able to modify your CSS, you could do something like this.

[cid:part1.E3BFA866.6090BC32 at nd.edu]
.fa-book::before {
    content: "";
    color: red;

.fa-bullhorn::before {
    content: "";
    color: green;

The content declaration is the default value. I just added color declarations.


On 10/5/2021 3:56 PM, Caffrey-Hill, Julia wrote:


Last Spring, Albert S. Cook Library of Towson University conducted user experience testing virtually. One out of six tasks related to discovery within Special Collections & University Archives. The question was “Your professor has asked you to use the TU archives to find information on the history of TU football. How would you go about doing that?”

One of our findings was at least one user did not notice the “Request” or “Citation” button in the top right of the screen. The top right is an unconventional location for a button of this type, in my experience. Additionally, buttons like this are usually are colorful by default rather than the same color as the background. We do not have any custom theme applied to my knowledge.

We can share data and user quotes with anyone interested, but I wanted to share this information out on behalf of our library and ensure it reached the wider community.

I follow this list but it is my first time posting. Please advise on where this information can be shared and whether or not you suggest a GitHub ticket related to this. Or if there is a theme file or setting that would remedy this, I would be interested to learn about it.

Best wishes,

Julia Caffrey-Hill


Web Services Librarian

Albert S. Cook Library


jcaffreyhill at towson.edu<mailto:jcaffreyhill at towson.edu>


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