[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Warnings for collection content in ArchivesSpace

Clair, Kevin kmc35 at psu.edu
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My sense is that ArchivesSpace is so tied to EAD as a data model that a change to one couldn't happen without a change to the other. Right now it seems to me like the best solution for this would be to write a plugin that looks for either a user-defined text field with the content warning in it, or a general note with a specific label indicating a content warning, and displays it as an alert in the PUI.

I'd be curious to hear others' thoughts about this. It's definitely something we would use here.  -k
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Has anyone suggested a note for ArchivesSpace that would contain content or trigger warnings for the collection being described? The General note would tend to get lost among the other notes and both the Abstract and Scope and Content Notes do not seem to be quite right either. It would also be important that the note be at the beginning of the ArchivesSpace finding aid so a researcher could see it immediately rather than come further in the description (which they might not read).


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