[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Publishing, Suppressing, or Unpublishing?

Dyson-Smith, Bridger bdysonsm at utk.edu
Thu May 27 13:05:23 EDT 2021

Hi all - 

I have a set of resources that need to be removed from the PUI - they
were published in error. Initially I had thought that setting their
`published` status in the database from `1` to `0` (and updating the
`system_mtime` would be sufficient for a reindex (where these resources
would be removed from Solr and not reindexed).

Is there a programmatic way to handle this, or something through the
API? I have an idea, but it feels hacky and wrong, and the alternative
seems to be something along the lines of:
1. visit each resource in the staff UI
2. select 'Publish?' at the Basic Information level
3. save
4. deselect 'Publish?'
5. save

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
Bridger Dyson-Smith
University of Tennessee Libraries

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