[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Finding Aids in Library Catalog Search?

Kottman, Miloche mkottman at ku.edu
Mon May 24 12:04:58 EDT 2021

We create MARC records in addition to our finding aid site and as far as I know we haven't encountered this issue.  In our MARC records there are several clues that it's a finding aid, not a digital object.  For example, we include the following in the MARC records:

*         555 field:  Finding aid available on the Internet

*         655 _7 field:  Finding aids. $2lcgft

*         856 42 field:  $z Finding aid online $u link (older records had $3 finding aid

And in Primo (our discovery interface) they are labelled "archival/manuscript material":
[cid:image001.png at 01D7508C.A1C78510]


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Hi All,

I tried searching the User Group Archive, but I don't see any recent threads about this. Apologies if I've just missed something!

We recently created MARC records in our library catalog that link to ArchivesSpace finding aids in order to increase discoverability. However, users see the link in the catalog record and are confused when they are brought to ArchivesSpace and can't access the archival material itself (these materials are not digitized).

I am wondering now if other institutions have dealt with this issue and have advice, or if you have avoided it with a different workflow altogether?
Is it a common practice to generate MARC versions of finding aids for non-digitized materials so that they are discoverable through the library's catalog and/or WorldCat?
If you do create MARC records, do you attach item records with a location/barcode for the materials, or do you just link to the finding aid?
If you do not create MARC records, does your discovery platform make finding aids searchable in another way (e.g. LibGuides)?

We went the MARC route due to limitations with our current discovery layer but are in the process of transitioning to a new one, giving us an opportunity to revisit our approach. I'm curious to know if people have better solutions or insights into best practices!

Thank you for any help!

/ Michelle Echols
Metadata and Cataloging Librarian
West Virginia University Libraries
(304) 293-4019 office
michelle.echols at mail.wvu.edu<mailto:michelle.echols at mail.wvu.edu>

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