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Schanz, Megan schanzme at msu.edu
Tue May 4 08:46:21 EDT 2021

I have historically used a soft reindex (removing state directories and not touching Solr) when there is an issue with the data that has occurred outside of an upgrade (when I can be sure there is no changes to Solr configs or schema). An example would be that someone sees a record a certain way on the staff side, but not on the public side; since the staff side pulls from the database and the public side is from Solr for the most part. Another time is when I'm bulk updating records on the database side for a specific repository and want to only re-index those set of records I can just remove the [repo_id]_[object type I updated] state file.

The advantage, as you mentioned, is that the public side continues to work against the previously indexed data while the reindex is in progress.

- Megan


Megan Schanz
Application Developer & Systems Administrator
Michigan State University Libraries
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I'm trying to understand what a "soft reindex" accomplishes and when it would be best used. Is it just a situation where we should always try that first and, if it does not fix something, then decide to possibly do a full reindex? Or are there certain situations where soft reindex is regularly the thing to address the situation?

Also, does it gain anything to reindex by removing the "state" data and having ArchivesSpace fully reindex but leave the Solr files in place?  It would allow searches to take place while indexing is happening. Would reindexing this way also update/fix Solr at the same time? Or could it leave bad Solr data in place and thus cause other issues?


Tom Hanstra
Sr. Systems Administrator
hanstra at nd.edu<mailto:hanstra at nd.edu>

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