[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Locations List Providing Not-Even Close Results?

ABNEY, ANN C aabney at mailbox.sc.edu
Wed Mar 31 08:43:08 EDT 2021

Morning all -

We're using 2.8.1 and recently I've been having trouble adding locations. Our numbering convention is Row: #, Compartment: #, Shelf: #. In the manage top containers tab for a specific resource, usually I'll search to add a location with that format. But lately, even if I put the full name of the location (with repository, floor, etc.) I'm getting lots of extraneous results.

For example, I was searching for "Row: 61, Compartment: 6, Shelf: 1" I got results including from Row 2, Compartment 1, Shelf 6, and then a whole list of every shelf in Row 61 from Compartments 1-4 until the list cut off. If I search via browse, I get the same results and usually have to click through to the second page. As I said before, this even happens if I copy word for word a previous location already linked.

Am I searching wrong? Is it a bug? I haven't had this problem in past iterations so I have no idea what's going on.


Ann Abney, CA
Special Projects Archivist
South Carolina Political Collections
University of South Carolina Libraries
aabney at mailbox.sc.edu

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