[Archivesspace_Users_Group] PUI indexing issues

Tom Hanstra hanstra at nd.edu
Wed Mar 17 11:42:56 EDT 2021

> - What really bothers me is the slowdown. That indicates to me that some
> resource is being lost along the way. Anyone have thoughts on what that
> might be?
> Just to follow up on my earlier post, I did get even lower numbers from
Blake to try based upon what he used for our hosted account. But I'm seeing
the same pattern in terms of slowdowns regarding the number of records that
get processed/hour. Is this typical?  Is it just hitting records that have
more work to be done? Or do I still have a resource issue.

I note that the number of docs in Solr has not changed at all throughout
the last couple of attempts, which again leads me to believe it has already
handled these records (at least once) before and thus there is no more
indexing to really be done with the records which it is running through
the PUI indexer again. Which leads back to the "why does PUI indexing
restart each time from 0" question. How does one add an enhancement request
to have this reviewed and (perhaps) changed?


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