[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Indexing and search issues

Tom Hanstra hanstra at nd.edu
Wed Mar 10 21:07:35 EST 2021

I'm very new to ArchivesSpace and so my issues may be early configuration
problems. But I'm hoping some out there can assist. We are moving from
hosted to local, so I have a large database full of data that I'm working

Right now, I'm running into two primary problems:

- Twice now, I've hit issues where the indexing fails due to the Java heap
space being exhausted. Do others run into this? What do others use for Java
- I've broken out my PUI indexing log into a separate log and see FATAL
errors in the log:
I, [2021-03-10T15:32:03.747156 #2919]  INFO -- :
[1b34df32-d3b7-49c3-b205-01a59daf03e5] Started GET "/system_api.php"
 for at 2021-03-10 15:32:03 -0500
F, [2021-03-10T15:32:03.881297 #2919] FATAL -- :
F, [2021-03-10T15:32:03.881658 #2919] FATAL -- :
[1b34df32-d3b7-49c3-b205-01a59daf03e5] ActionController::RoutingErro
r (No route matches [GET] "/system_api.php"):
F, [2021-03-10T15:32:03.881866 #2919] FATAL -- :
F, [2021-03-10T15:32:03.882085 #2919] FATAL -- :
[1b34df32-d3b7-49c3-b205-01a59daf03e5] actionpack ( lib/acti
on_dispatch/middleware/debug_exceptions.rb:65:in `call'
[1b34df32-d3b7-49c3-b205-01a59daf03e5] actionpack (
lib/action_dispatch/middleware/show_exceptions.rb:33:in `
Is this something to be concerned about? Why is it showing up in the PUI

Search issues
- Supposedly, I did get one round of indexing completed without a heap
error. But the resulting searches yielded numbers which were incorrect
compared to our hosted version. This is why I've been trying reindexing. Is
it usual to have indexing *look* like it is complete but really be
- When I do a search, the response is really slow. I've got nginx set up as
a proxy in front of ArchivesSpace and it is showing that the slowness is in
ArchivesSpace itself somewhere. I don't see anything in the logs to show
what is taking so long. Where should I be checking for issues?


*Tom Hanstra*
*Sr. Systems Administrator*
hanstra at nd.edu
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