[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Unable to edit / delete accessions or resources after upgrade to MySQL database

Andrew Morrison andrew.morrison at bodleian.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jul 15 04:09:00 EDT 2021

If the system isn't currently connected to the MySQL database, then it 
is likely it wasn't when the data migrations script 
was run. If so, that will need to be (re-)run once config.rb has been 
set up with the correct db_url. Once it has been, searching both PUI and 
staff interface won't find anything until a full re-index 
has been done.


On 14/07/2021 21:21, Blake Carver wrote:
> It's hard to know for sure what's going on with this.
> You were running 1.3 with MySQL and everything was fine?
> They did the upgrade, you login and see everything is gone and it's 
> running on Apache Derby... EEK!
> You let them know, they connect it to MySQL again and now it's in this 
> state.
> So they probably hooked you up with your old 1.3 DB that has been 
> upgraded to 2.8.1.
> Or maybe it's set to talk to the wrong DB, and it's empty. If it's 
> empty, maybe they have a backup of the old DB?
> My guess is that they brought over the /data/ directory. That 
> directory has all the solr stuff in it, and if they did bring that 
> over, things are likely in this weird state.
> I'd start by asking them a couple of questions
>  1. Did they indeed hook you back to the old db that is now upgraded?
>     Are they sure the config is updated to talk to the right DB? They
>     should be able to search the DB directly to see what's in there.
>  2. Did they copy over all the stuff in /data/ ? If so, you don't want
>     all that stuff. Tell them to empty that directory and restart it.
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> Good afternoon hive mind…long time lurker, first time writer. J  I’m 
> going to try to make this question concise:
> ·I have just been upgraded to v2.8.1 (from v1.3.0…don’t judge!  Lol) 
> on a locally-hosted instance of AS, managed by my university’s IT 
> department.
> ·When my instance was upgraded, I got the following warning message:
> *Database Warning:* You are currently using the embedded database 
> (Apache Derby). The embedded database is for testing/demo purposes 
> only. You should use MySQL for any data intended for production, 
> including data in a test instance that you intend to move over to a 
> production instance.
> ·The vendor let us know that there were not any upgrade paths from the 
> demo database to MySQL, and the information would have to be 
> re-entered (this is fine, as I had backed up everything and could 
> re-enter)
> ·Once IT built the MySQL database, however, all the accession and 
> resource records  actually showed up.  ???
> The problem is, while I can **see** the records on the back end, I 
> can’t edit or delete them. However, they are visible and searchable on 
> the PUI.  I’ve attached a few images for reference.
> I’m trying to determine what the best course of action might be before 
> I go back to my IT department, as I’m going to have to explain what 
> the issue is to them as best I can (they’re not really familiar with 
> AS or archival processes, unfortunately).  I’m not clear on why the 
> data pulled over if there wasn’t a path, and I’m not tech savvy enough 
> to guess at what my IT department did.  I could also email AS tech 
> support, but I thought I’d start here to see if anyone has seen this 
> or has something to try first.
> Any thoughts or suggestions from the group would be greatly 
> appreciated, or even just sympathetic noises. J
> Thanks so much,
> Ann
> “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by 
> doing them.” ~ Aristotle
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