[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Two questions

Mark Cyzyk mcyzyk at jhu.edu
Fri Jan 22 12:19:18 EST 2021

Hello ASpace List,

I have two questions and thought I'd post them here:

1.  We are getting a "translation missing: 
en.instance_container.barcode" error in our ASpace 2.0.

I'm sensing I need to add a translation to the "instance_container" 
section of /locales/en.yml:

         <<: *instance_attributes
         barcode: Barcode

But is this correct?

2.  A query from one of our archivists:

    Since the ArchivesSpace upgrade to 2.8 a couple months ago, I've
    encountered some issues with adding container information to
    archival object records. Specifically, when a container already
    exists in ArchivesSpace, I am not able to link to it in a new AO
    record by typing in the box number or barcode as I used to be able
    to do. I get a "no matching results. Try 'Browse'" message in the
    dropdown. I can locate the existing container record as usual and
    then link to it, but it is cumbersome.

    A workaround I have found is that when I open the container record,
    hit Edit, and then resave, the barcode or box number pop up when I
    try to type it in the Instance field of an AO record.

Any thoughts on a remedy to this?

Advice MUCH appreciated!


Mark Cyzyk, M.A., M.L.S.
Library Applications Group
The Sheridan Libraries
The Johns Hopkins University
mcyzyk at jhu.edu

Verba volant, scripta manent.

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