[Archivesspace_Users_Group] PUI infinite scroll bugginess

Benn Joseph benn.joseph at northwestern.edu
Fri Jan 8 15:24:24 EST 2021

Hi everyone,
For the PUI, I don't know if scrolling within the main Collection Organization area has always been this clunky, but we've been struggling with it lately and have heard some complaints from staff and researchers about viewing content in this section.

The problem we see is that trying to scroll through content in the infinite scroll area under Collection Organization results in the entire browser page scrolling up and down with it; this is exacerbated when using Firefox, where the content in the infinite scroll area also scrolls very slowly when using a mouse wheel (using a trackpad results in a more predictable scrolling speed within the main Collection Organization area, but you still have to deal with the entire page scrolling up and down at the same time).

There are a lot of tickets that relate to scrolling in Collection Organization, and I've read through the Usability Sub-team 2020 Collection Organization View recommendations too (ANW-1118) but can't find anything that specifically addresses this issue. Is this normal, and I just didn't notice it before??


Benn Joseph
Head, Collections Services
McCormick Library of Special Collections & University Archives
Northwestern University Libraries
Northwestern University
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