[Archivesspace_Users_Group] System upgrade from v1.5.2 to v2.5.2 and finally to v2.8.0

Jimmy SUNG ccsung at hku.hk
Wed Feb 10 03:44:08 EST 2021


I encountered an issue after system upgrade. The information on  the "Dates" field of Accession has messed up with other data and the create_time is not correct. For below record, it should be created on 2015-01-21. Grateful if you can give some advice!

Before upgrade (version v.1.5.2), the "Dates" field: -
Created by ccsung
2015-01-21 15:33:35 +0800
Last Modified by ccsung
2015-06-05 13:28:34 +0800

After upgrade (version v2.8.0), the "Dates" field: -
{"lock_version"=>0, "begin"=>"2007-03-02", "end"=>"2009-06-05", "created_by"=>"ccsung", "last_modified_by"=>"ccsung", "create_time"=>"2015-06-05T05:28:34Z", "system_mtime"=>"2015-06-05T05:28:34Z", "user_mtime"=>"2015-06-05T05:28:34Z", "date_type"=>"inclusive", "label"=>"creation", "jsonmodel_type"=>"date"}

Best Regards,
Jimmy SUNG
Technology Support Services
The University of Hong Kong Libraries

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