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Andrew Morrison andrew.morrison at bodleian.ox.ac.uk
Fri Dec 17 05:12:31 EST 2021

You could, in theory, use a tool for automating repetitive tasks in a 
web browser. There are various open source and proprietary options, used 
for testing user interfaces, or screen-scraping information from web 
sites. Configure it to open each digital object in turn, edit the URL, 
and save. Then set it going and watch it do all the clicking and 
scrolling necessary. But finding one with the capabilities you require, 
yet won't require a month learning how to program it, might be 
difficult. However, if you tell your IT department that they've left you 
no other choice but to use some dodgy web browser plug-in that runs 
macros, they might be more inclined to run some SQL for you, or give you 
access to the API so you can run an off-the-shelf script someone here 
might have.


On 16/12/2021 21:32, Pryse, JA wrote:
> Bad news is that I ONLY have access via staff side. Our instance is 
> maintained by the university IT and its like an act of congress (get 
> it, congressional archives…ha) to get them to do anything with AS.
> *In file_version/file_uri:*<a 
> href=http://oucac.access.preservica.com/archive/sdb%3|9cdc92af-sdasdasdwww-15bfvd/>Preservica 
> Access</a>
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> How are the links encoded ? In file_version/file_uri ?
> If that is the case it should be easy to change in MySQL.
> ( Note that if you make changes to the database via MySQL rather than 
> the API, you will need to trigger a full reindex, as going thru the 
> backdoor doesn’t trigger an individual resource reindex. )
> — Steve.
>     On Dec 16, 2021, at 4:03 PM, Pryse, JA <japryse at ou.edu
>     <mailto:japryse at ou.edu>> wrote:
>     Hello everyone, I need to batch edit a bunch of digital objects
>     that contain links to an internal content management system. I
>     know that I can import data that created new digital objects and
>     have played around with trying to ‘update’ the files with no luck
>     (in a batch or bulk sense). There are thousands of DOs that need
>     to be edited and cannot do this one at a time. Also, I cannot
>     break the link in anyway shape or form as it does cause a mess. I
>     have copied all of the exported data with links and such to the
>     new CSV but, of course, it just wants to create new records and
>     none of the information in the new csv will be unique to the
>     catalog. I do not want to remove the records and then upload new
>     ones (I did try this on a few) but this broke the links. I have no
>     idea where to go from here.
>     Thanks,
>     JA Pryse, Curator and Senior Archivist III
>     Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center
>     University of Oklahoma
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