[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Archival Object Edits Not Always Saving

Alexander Duryee alexanderduryee at nypl.org
Thu Dec 16 17:02:10 EST 2021

A user in our department has occasionally run into an issue where archival
object record edits won't save after clicking Save Archival Object.  This
issue is not reliably repeatable, but is not infrequent either.  I've
watched them reproduce the error (open an AO, make an edit to a note, click
Save Archival Object on the left sidebar, the old data appears on the new
page), and there doesn't appear to be anything unusual in the process.

When I checked the logs, the unedited record seems to be POSTed back, as if
they did not change the record at all.  I didn't see any errors, or
anything amiss in general, around the POST.

Is there anything that could be causing this?  As far as I'm aware, it only
impacts one user, although it's possible that others have the same issue
but haven't said anything.


Alexander Duryee
Manager, Archival Metadata
New York Public Library
alexanderduryee at nypl.org
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