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Valerie Addonizio vaddonizio at atlas-sys.com
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When reading your question I wanted to relay what is only a suspicion that this might not be so much about the Find and Replace tool as about the specific field you're trying to modify. ArchivesSpace is very protective of Ref IDs; in my experience you can't modify them through the API, only directly in the db. I wonder if that is the underlying issue. I know the Find and Replace tool gives RefID as a field option, so I'm also curious about this and if anyone else has experience using it on that field in particular.


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Has anyone successfully used the batch find and replace function on ArchivesSpace? I've tried to use it to replace periods in Ref IDs with dashes. At the end of the job log, it says "All done, logging modified records" and lists the correct components as being edited. However, no changes occurred on the components.

I'd appreciate any input!


Bri McLaughlin, she/her/hers
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