[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Backend Session Not Found message

Neal, Rick rneal at richmond.edu
Wed Sep 30 09:05:38 EDT 2020

Good morning,

After installing version 2.5.2 on the server and then migrating the data over I have noticed a message that is on the staff login interface.

The message is Your backend session was not found.  I searched through the User Group messages and found some where others were reporting the issue in 2016 but there was no resolution mentioned.  They spoke of a session time out but we have used version 2.5.0 for over a year now on the old server we are replacing without ever having seen this message.  In fact we ran older versions on that server and never saw it so I don't think it is a timeout thing but maybe.

Has anyone solved this?

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Rick Neal
Library Systems and Applications Administrator
University of Richmond

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